Two of my recent book covers.

Just thought I’d share with you a couple of the book covers I have done recently. The first was the famous mural on the Flatiron Building, Mural Trompe l’Oeil, in Toronto. I was thrilled when my shot made the cover of one of the highly respected Ulysses Guides. Toronto proved such a great source of images for the stock libraries that I supply. The other cover is a picture of the soaring rocket sculpture on top of the museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. This was built as a tribute to the Soviet cosmonauts and scientists who put the Sputnik into space in the 1950s. An impressive structure I noticed it from my bedroom window when Liz and I were staying in Hotel Cosmos just across the road. The publishers chose it for the cover of Karl Schlogel's "Moscow", a fascinating book that charts the fall of a world empire and the rebirth of a globally connected Russia. It shows how Moscow has been transformed from a monochrome capital city to a new Babylon iridescent with neon lights. An engaging portrait of this international metropolis in transformation! This was another sale through a stock agency. Oh if I could only do this sort of work and nothing else!Bookcovers.jpg

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BION I'm ipmressed! Cool post!
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