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Retro Arklow

For those of you who don’t know me: I photographed news and sport, in south Co Wicklow for both local and national newspapers in the 1980s and 90s. During those years, I must have ‘clicked’ my pre-digital cameras nearly half a million times. Whizzing around the county, I remember covering everything you could think of: dog shows to debs balls, fires to festivals and lots more in between. Back in those pre-Facebook days, the Wicklow People, published by the People Newspapers, Wexford was the main source of the county's news. Local newspapers were almost an essential part of the week. ’Who’s in the Wicklow Mick?’ people would wonder on Thursday’s publication day. Looking back, I think of that era as the ‘Golden Age’ of newsprint. Unlike today, both local and national titles were plentiful and profitable.

A while back I ‘unearthed’ some of the negatives from that period and for this gallery I have ‘digitalised’ over three hundred from the well over 400,000 images I own. If I find the interest is there I will upload new images regularly. I plan to create two further galleries: one covering sport, the other will be shots from Wicklow town and surrounds. As these pictures are my copyright, (remember, I worked for newspapers as a freelance, not an employee, my contract specified that I retained the copyright in all cases) the images are watermarked. You may buy copies WITHOUT the watermark, either as a conventional print (i.e. a real photograph) or as a digital download. Just click the ‘Buy’ button beside the picture you want to purchase and you will be taken through the process. Downloads are a great option: firstly, they are instant, no waiting for the picture to arrive by post, also, you can share the picture on social media like, Facebook or Twitter as well as making your own prints from them.

While there is a 'Search' box on the pages, it will not find everyone in every shot. After all this time, I won't have records of names and other details of a lot of the shots. However, feel free to browse, you never know who or what you might come across! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. If you have any difficulty when ordering a print or download, you may email me at or call 086 2605836

Robert Mullan 2015

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