The Headshot

While traditionally used for actors, in a digital world having a good headshot is more important than ever for just about anyone. Using your phone to take a photo just isn’t good enough any more. Why?  It'll look home-made, appear unprofessional, and it'll make you look cheap.

It’s so important that you have a high-quality, professional headshot. It is your introduction and makes that vital first impression. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are hunting grounds for recruiters and prospects alike. Once you have a good professional headshot on Linkedin, Google+, your Facebook business page, your Blog avatar, Forum profiles, account profiles, etc,  you have a greater presence online, and it will be there 24/7 creating that positive first impression!

How does it all work?

What to wear: When it comes to clothes, it is best to bring one or two changes, The shirt and jacket are the most important items, NO busy patterns or logos, they distract from your face.  Fellas have a haircut a week or so in before the shoot, as freshly cut hair can look strange in pictures.

Where to find me: I am in central Arklow, 57 Abbeyville, Arklow Y14 CD30  You want a shot before work? No problem, I can welcome you to my studio from 7 AM (ring me first to arrange this) and I’ll welcome you with a Starbucks coffee and a croissant before we start the session.

Can’t make it to my place? No problem, I can get to you. I can set up at your office/workshop etc. without any fuss and get shooting you and/or your staff. 

What does it cost? Prices start at 89 Euros for a screen-res headshot for social media.

How do I make a booking? Just ring me on 086 2605836 or email me

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